Modhesh World 2012

Modhesh World is the best destination for family entertainment during the summer in Dubai.

Thursday, 14th June - Saturday, 25th August 2012
2 months 13 days
Dubai World Trade Centre

Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Entry ticket AED 10 for children and adults, free for children below two years

Modhesh World is synonymous with family entertainment during the summer in Dubai and over the years, it has grown to become a destination by itself, given the fact that it attracted around 500,000 visitors in previous editions. Our endeavour every year is to bring innovative and exciting entertainment and events to Modhesh World that you and your children will not soon forget!


During DSS: Saturday to Wednesday 10am to 10pm
Thursday 10am to midnight
Friday 2pm to midnight

During Ramadan: Daily 8pm to 2am (Taraweeh prayers are held everyday after Isha'a prayer.)  

During Eid: Daily 10am to midnight